Last-Minute Christmas Shopping for your Fellow Sax Players

Gifts for Saxophone PlayersThis article is a guest post from Danielle Luna of [Sorry(!), but this web page has disappeared since the original publication of this article]

As just about all of you (in the western world at least) know, the holidays are upon us, and that means it’s time to kick off that yearly ritual of shopping for gifts. If you’re a sax player, you’re probably friends with at least a few other sax players and might even want to pick up something special for them.

Or maybe you have a saxophone teacher who you’d like to hook up with a nice holiday gift. You might even be asked what is it you’d to receive for the holidays (especially if you’re one of this site’s school-aged readers).

If you do need to find sax-related gift for this holiday season, here are some suggestions*:

Sax Stress

Unfortunately, instrument emergencies occur. A small “First Aid Kit” could be a lifesaver for a sax player. To fix a saxophone the most valuable tools are a small set of screwdrivers, a spring hook and smooth pliers. A small screwdriver can do a number of jobs around a saxophone, especially if you’re taking the horn apart. The smooth pliers are great for bending and straightening any parts of your sax. If a post or valve is altered because of damage you many be able to pull it straight. The pliers can also press a spring back into place. A few strips of paper and pieces of felt, rubber bands, some electrical tape and pieces of cork are all useful in keeping an instrument running when you can’t make it to the shop. These quick fixes could keep a struggling sax running through a concert.

Tomes of Tunes

If your sax player is experienced, then they probably have plenty of songbooks. However, something outside of their comfort zone could be really interesting. A jazz book for a classical player or songs from a different culture could really help them to expand their repertoire. To see a list of some of the best saxophone books ever written, hop on over here.

Everything you Reed

Saxophone players are picky about their reeds and few stray from what they normally use. However, it is possible that there could be an even more comfortable, effective fit out there. You could gift a sax player with a few different types of reeds, maybe even a Fibracell synthetic one. They won’t buy them for themselves and if you help a friends discover the perfect reed they’ll be eternally thankful.

Blank Check

Avid sax players are probably pretty friendly with their local music store. Instruments require tons of bit and pieces as well as constant maintenance. A gift card to the music store they frequent is an obvious present, but no less appreciated. They’ll be sure to use every penny. Think about hooking them up with a gift certificate to a store such as Woodwind Brasswind where they can purchase accessories such as neckstraps, ligatures, reeds, etc.

So go ahead, make a saxo-friend happy this month!

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