Audio Master Class Interview with Bob Sheppard

In this third and final installment of the Bulletproof Saxophone Playing kickoff series, I proudly present a master class interview with one of the finest sax players playing the horn today, Mr. Bob Sheppard.

As many of you know, Bob is one of Los Angeles’ first call session players. But beyond that, he’s played with everyone from Herbie Hancock to Chick Corea to Horace Silver to James Taylor to so many, many more. He’s also an esteemed recording artist in his own right, with his most recent solo outing, Close Your Eyes,

In this masterclass, Bob shares his deep insights on improving your technique in an fun way that’ll result in an expansion in your musical vocabulary and increased facility in all twelve keys. On top of all of that, he also gets into incorporating articulation into your technical exercises.  So clearly, there’s a lot of good stuff happening here.

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