Audio Master Class Interview with Ricky Sweum

Ricky Sweum

By now you’ve probably heard me rambling on and on about my new upcoming e-book and Audio Master Class Interviews, also known as Bulletproof Saxophone Playing.

To kick off the Bulletproof Saxophone Playing festivities, I’m going to be posting three free audio master class interviews. Much to my honor and delight, the interviewees are renown saxophone monsters, Bob Sheppard, Tim Price, and Ricky Sweum.

These interviews are not like the normal interviews where I talk about what they’re up to in terms of their careers and latest creative projects and stuff like that. Instead, I’m treating the interviews as private lessons where we get deep into the nitty-gritty of tips and techniques that you can apply to immediately improve your sax playing, big time.

For the first master class interview we have recording artist and educator, Ricky Sweum. Ricky’s not only an incredible player, but he’s also got a gift for sharing his knowledge, much of which is “insider information” that you probably haven’t heard before.

In this Audio Master Class Interview, which is nearly one hour long, Ricky delves deep into some truly enlightening and actionable information on topics such as articulation, starting and stopping notes, making your reeds last for an insanely long time, and more great stuff as well.

Fine Print

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So that’s it for now – enjoy!