Podcast: Ricky Sweum Talks Intonation, Embouchure, and Improvisation

Ricky Sweum

For the premiere of our podcast – shockingly named “Best. Saxophone. Podcast. Ever.” – I was lucky enough to get to interview Ricky Sweum.

Ricky is an incredibly talented up and coming tenor and soprano sax player whose career includes performances with the likes of Gerry Gibbs, Clark Terry, James Moody, Jon Hendricks, and Terry Gibbs. He’s toured internationally with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra as well as “The Sound of Music” featuring Marie Osmond. These days, Ricky can be found playing to over a million people a year with the Air Force Academy Band while also serving as jazz ensemble director at Colorado College.

In this interview Ricky shares juicy tidbits about his career as well as the saxophone itself.

Topics Covered

  • Ricky’s evolution from a New York jazz musician to his current position in the Air Force Academy Band
  • Deciding on a career in music
  • Detailed intonation and embouchure tips
  • Ricky’s approach to listening and improvising
  • Developing your career further as a professional musician

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Learn more about Ricky at rickysweum.com.