Hey there, my name is Doron Orenstein, and this site was started by yours truly, the dashing fellow in the photo above playing the trombone, or whatever that instrument’s called – the squiggly one – the trombone, right?

But seriously, friends…

Why I Bothered Creating this Website

Put simply, the purpose of this site is to provide the best saxophone tips, techniques, reviews, overviews, interviews, and just about anything else for the saxophone player looking to improve their sax playing and have a great time doing it.

What’s in it for You?

  • By absorbing the vast wealth of information and practical exercises that I and my guest contributors will share on various aspects of saxophone mastery, you’ll accelerate the process of improving your playing.
  • You’ll receive guidance on the best saxophone equipment for your needs.
  • You’ll be enlightened by interviews featuring some of the world’s best sax players.
  • By learning from, and about, the great saxophonists past and present, you will find yourself doused with healthy helpings of genius juice.
  • You’ll take in the business wisdom of the pros so that you can actually make a living blowing into that horn.
  • You will never want for great resources outside of the site to help you along your saxophone journey.
  • For the teachers out there, you’ll be able to point your saxophone students to a new resource that will help them become better as well.
  • Thanks to the oodles and oodles of saxophone goodness on the site, you’ll become increasingly inspired to get better on your instrument, making your life a lot more fun.

As for me…

A brief history:

  1. doron-best-saxophone-website-everPicked up the sax in 6th grade
  2. Became a bona-fide band geek in high school, entered lots of competitions, even won a bunch of different awards including the Los Angeles Music Center Spotlight Award.
  3. Travelled to unfairly-maligned New Jersey to study at William Paterson College – the little commuter school with 60 of the best college jazzbos this side of the North Pole.
  4. While in college, did a 6-month stint with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and even a few gigs out of state with reggae master Half Pint (to paraphrase the words of another famous saxophone player, “I swear I didn’t inhale”).
  5. Also while in college, discovered electronic music and started producing jazz-flavored house music for a variety of underground dance labels.
  6. Post-B.M. (which is pretty-much what a Bachelor of Music degree will get you), my musical collaborator (Gabriel D Vine) and I started performing our electronic jazzy house music live, and I started getting lots of gigs with DJ’s in Los Angeles jamming over dance records.
  7. These days, playing gigs sporadically and constantly seeking ways to combine my passions for music, writing, and technology.

Me Doing My Sax Thing

Soloing over a funky track that I co-produced a few years back


Soloing over a funkytrippy version of All Blues