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Vandoren Optimum AL5 Mouthpiece

Three Quick Lessons from Three Classic Sax Licks

Dexter Gordon

This guest post is from world touring keyboard player Steve Nixon. He is the owner of the jazz education website Ok, saxophone players. I have a confession to make right off the bat. Even though I’m a piano player I’ve always had a secret connection to the saxophone. The first time I heard Sonny […]

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A Comprehensive Study in Saxophone Sound Effects

Saxophone Sound Effects

There are many music books that focus on a particular topic such as theory, harmony, rhythm, technique. Then there are, of course, the ever-popular transcription books full of famous saxophone solos. It is sometimes difficult to figure out which educational materials will help you take your playing to the next level. The new book, Saxophone […]

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Ellery Eskelin Talks Tunes, Tone, Improv and So Much More

Ellery Eskelin

The very survival of any artform depends on its ability to continually move forward and progress. Otherwise it becomes more of a museum exhibit than a living, breathing, and ever-expanding medium. Like any other artform, jazz requires the leadership of fearless and authentic artists to keep it alive and breathing, and without a doubt, renown […]

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Reviewed: MACSAX FJIII Hard Rubber Mouthpiece


Following the release of the Bob Sheppard Signature Edition hard rubber tenor mouthpiece, MACSAX has introduced the newest mouthpiece to their product line, which is the MACSAX FJ III hard rubber alto mouthpiece. For those who have tried, or own the MACSAX FJ III metal tenor saxophone mouthpiece, you will most likely be excited to […]

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9 Classic Saxophone Solos for Transcription Newbies

Lester Young

This guest post is from saxophone and multi-reed player, composer, recording artist, and educator Sam Sadigursky of One of the best ways of building your ears and learning the jazz vocabulary is to transcribe solos by the masters. It’s one of the few things that, in some form or another, just about every jazz player has […]

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Musically Stuck! So What Gives?

Musically Stuck

Let me get this right; you practice long-tones, scales, exercises and patterns from a popular saxophone method book – every day – but you’re still not experiencing the progress you expect. Maybe you’ve been working to learn a particular tune for some time, but just can’t seem to make the improvements you desire. You feel […]

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Seriously Silly Saxophone Oddities

Seriously Silly Saxophone Oddities

It’s probably safe to say that if you’re here, you love the saxophone. Its dulcet tones are mesmerizing. The saxophone is a window into an elegant world of music. Maybe you love it more than anything else. Money? People? Matlock? It’s also probably safe to say that your passion for the sax pales in comparison […]

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Ask a Saxophone Repairman: Sticky Keys, Mouthpiece Refacing, and More

Ask a Saxophone Repairman

This post is part of a special column titled “Ask a Saxophone Repairman” with answers supplied by our resident repair whiz, Matt Stohrer of Stohrer Music. Disclaimer: Saxophone repair is a complicated business, depending not only on the skill of the repairer but on the reality of the situation at hand. The advice given here […]

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