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Saxophonist Steve Lehman Shows Us What it Takes to Be a True Original

Steve Lehman

As a saxophonist, performer, educator, and scholar, New York City’s Steve Lehman has travelled a truly original musical journey. Taking into consideration Lehman’s stints with barrier-busters such as Anthony Braxton, Dave Burrell, Mark Dresser, Vijay Iyer, Oliver Lake, Meshell Ndegeocello, David Wessel, and High Priest of Anti-Pop Consortium, one can see that Steve is anything […]

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Altissimo the Easy Way

David Sanborn

Ever notice that there’s something missing from your favorite Benny Carter, Bird, or Coleman Hawkins recordings? Well, yes, they are conspicuously missing a good melodica solo, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Things Ain’t What they Used to Be Though it’s not completely absent from their playing, these jazz pioneers used the altissimo register far less […]

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Fourteen Sax Shops You Should Visit Before You Die

Saxophone Shop

When you decide it’s time to upgrade your setup, it’s difficult to figure out what music store carries the equipment you need as well as the staff that can best find the horn that suits you. From my experience, searching for the right saxophone is not as easy as it sounds. To help those saxophonist […]

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Position Your Reed Right, Play Better

Position of Saxophone Reed

Just about any saxophone teacher, book, or website will tell you that when fastening your reed to the mouthpiece, the best way to do it is to position the tip of the reed so that it’s lined up as perfectly as possible with the tip of the mouthpiece. But sometimes it’s best to try some different […]

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Does Your Neck Strap Contain Hidden Power to Improve Your Sound?

Rico and Neotech Saxophone Neckstraps

Last week, as I was about to begin a practice session, I saw that I had a few brand new plain-and-simple neck straps that were sent to me by the kind folks at Rico. Burnt out on my old and sagging Neotech strap, I decided to give the Rico strap a try. First thing I […]

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Three Quick Lessons from Three Classic Sax Licks

Dexter Gordon

This guest post is from world touring keyboard player Steve Nixon. He is the owner of the jazz education website Ok, saxophone players. I have a confession to make right off the bat. Even though I’m a piano player I’ve always had a secret connection to the saxophone. The first time I heard Sonny […]

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A Comprehensive Study in Saxophone Sound Effects

Saxophone Sound Effects

There are many music books that focus on a particular topic such as theory, harmony, rhythm, technique. Then there are, of course, the ever-popular transcription books full of famous saxophone solos. It is sometimes difficult to figure out which educational materials will help you take your playing to the next level. The new book, Saxophone […]

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Ellery Eskelin Talks Tunes, Tone, Improv and So Much More

Ellery Eskelin

The very survival of any artform depends on its ability to continually move forward and progress. Otherwise it becomes more of a museum exhibit than a living, breathing, and ever-expanding medium. Like any other artform, jazz requires the leadership of fearless and authentic artists to keep it alive and breathing, and without a doubt, renown […]

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