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Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary

Our One Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago, on October 5, 2010, I launched a little site with just a pocketful of articles, all written by yours truly. Right from the get-go, it was absolutely one of the most exciting creative projects I had ever been involved in. I was finally getting to put into practice all of the […]

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Ask a Saxophone Repairman: Should I Repad?

Saxophone Repad

This post is part of a special column titled “Ask a Saxophone Repairman” with answers supplied by our resident repair whiz, Matt Stohrer of Stohrer Music. Disclaimer: Saxophone repair is a complicated business, depending not only on the skill of the repairer but on the reality of the situation at hand. The advice given here is given […]

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Patrick Cornelius Talks Practicing, Melody, and More

Patrick Cornelius

In the hands of New York City’s Patrick Cornelius, the saxophone is mere putty. His latest solo outing titled Maybe Steps features Cornelius soaring through a melodic collection of original tunes as well as a couple of standards accompanied by an intense, yet subtle backdrop supplied by his top-notch rhythm section. Starting off on the […]

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Review of the Reed Geek Reed Adjusting Tool

Reed Geek Review

This is a video review of a very interesting and exciting relatively new reed adjusting tool for saxophone known as the Reed Geek (no, really?).  If you can get past my awkwardness on camera, you’ll heard what I believe to be a noticeable difference in the sound of the reed after I spent just a few […]

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9 Tips for Practicing Saxophone Without Getting Shot by Your Neighbors

Practicing Quietly

This article is based on a question sent in by Best. Saxophone. Website. Ever. guest writer and reader Charles “Chazz” Pratt in Phoenix, Arizona (question has been slightly abbreviated): Here’s a question that’s been on my mind for quite some time. Where do people practice? If you’re traveling (not as a gigging musician, but mainly […]

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A Comparison of 4 Popular Saxophone Neck Straps

A Comparison of 4 Popular Saxophone Neck Straps

Choosing a neck strap that fits you is easier said than done. Although a saxophone neck strap is a fairly simple design and many just see it as something that holds the horn while you’re playing, there are many neck straps that do not give sax players the support and comfort they desire. The four […]

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Saxophone Prodigy Grace Kelly’s Astounding Musical Journey

Saxophonist Grace Kelly

When putting these interview articles together, sometimes I get an artist whose accomplishments are so impressive and numerous that it makes putting everything into a few paragraphs, well, kind of a pain in the tush. That said, thanks a lot Grace Kelly. I’ll go ahead and list just a few of the bullet points here: […]

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Improving Your Sax Playing the Fast Way

The Woodshed

I’ve recently begun to throw myself full force into practicing again. Although I’ve done quite a bit of professional playing in my day, the last few years have seen me doing a lot more work at the computer and a lot less at the horn. But unlike other periods where music performance was a more central […]

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