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Accelerate Your Musical Progress with Some Killer Practice Aids

Saxophone Practice Aids

This guest post is from saxophone and multi-reed player, composer, recording artist, and educator Sam Sadigursky of This month, I want to share two of the best practice aids on the market, things that are a big part of both my individual practice and my teaching studio. The Tuning CD: The concept behind this CD is […]

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Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Saxophone

Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About the Saxophone

This is a guest post by Mark Catoe of 1. Politics kept the saxophone out of the orchestra. When Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone, his shop made all the parts for all his instruments (including woodwinds and brass). The other instrument makers in town really didn’t like this, because they had been assembling interchangeable […]

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A Look at the World’s Most Popular Saxophone Embouchure

Single Lip Saxophone Embouchure

I remember taking my younger nephew to a musical exhibit on one of our most memorable family vacations. It was called Amazing Music Studio and it gave attendees the opportunity to pick an instrument of interest and learn, over the course of a few hours, the basics of that instrument. Rather than just pressing buttons […]

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Bob Ackerman Shares his Vintage Saxophone and Mouthpiece Wisdom

Bob Ackerman

This is a guest interview by Todd S. Feldman of RS Berkeley Musical Instruments. Vintage instrument expert, accomplished multi-reed player, masterful improviser, and Chase Music & Cadence recording artist Bob Ackerman epitomizes the term “musician’s musician.” As a saxophonist under the tutelage of world-class teachers including the legendary Joe Allard, Bob’s early career found him […]

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Mastering Challenging Intervals Part II – Whole Steps

Mastering Challenging Intervals Part II - Whole Steps

This article is the first part of a series on challenging saxophone intervals. To see the other articles which comprise this series to date, please click here. In our first installment of this series, we established the importance of practicing transitioning between notes that are difficult to move between. Since last time we covered half […]

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Jazz Saxophone Firebrand Jay Collins takes a Leap to the Funky Side

Jay Collins

Who says that all sax players with world-class jazz chops must restrict themselves to the Blue Notes and Village Vanguards of the world? Not  Jay Collins. A product of Portland, Oregon’s surprisingly vibrant jazz scene in the late 80′s and early 90′s, Jay’s footing in the jazz world is more than solid. It’s not just […]

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Announcing the Winner of the 10-Second Saxophone Survey Sweepstakes

Announcing the Winner of the 10-Second Saxophone Survey Sweepstakes

So it’s over and done with, our very first sweepstakes here at Best. Saxophone. Website. Ever.! Out of hundreds of entries, one lucky winner was chosen at random for the groovy prize of a $50 gift certificate to The Woodwind Brasswind – one of the world’s formost online retailers of all things wind instrument-related! And […]

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Music and Career Advice from a Famous Non-Saxophonist

Christian McBride

This is a guest post from saxophonist, clarinetist, flutist, pianist, educator, and blogger, Mark Catoe. Back in April, the self-described “nonpartisan enterprise,” MinnPost, published an interview with Christian McBride. In it, he talks about the groups he currently plays with, having fun playing music, and knowing James Brown. I find the entire read fascinating (head […]

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