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Review of the Utterly Unique SaxyScarfStrap

The SaxyScarfStrap is one of the most original products I have received since my first review came out on this web site. This neck-strap was designed to offer professional musicians support that distributes the pressure equally between their neck and shoulders. This support will allow saxophonists to practice and play longer than before without having to worry about neck pain. And you’ll look snazzy to boot!

Tony Mungin-Shaw, the designer of this ergonomic saxophone neck strap, says that the SaxyScarfStrap was based on a guitar strap. He always liked how the guitar strap looked cool in addition to being supportive. Thanks to his admiration of the ubiquitous guitar strap, he decided to incorporate many of its features when creating this product.


I found the SaxyScarfStrap to be very comfortable due to its lightweight and durable leather cushion which features abundant padding. I noticed that the strap was very supportive when I attached my tenor or alto saxophone to it. Being that you have to actually tie a knot to close the loop of the strap, I also enjoyed having ability to set the neck strap up just once without the inconvenience of constantly re-adjusting.


I know many players consider a neck strap as an accessory which exists solely for the purpose of hold up one’s horn. This neck strap, on the other hand, is meant to be seen. The SaxyScrafStrap comes in a variety of prints (Snake, Zebra, Tiger, Leopard, and Polka Dots) as well as hook colors (BurntOrange, CandyAppleRed, MidnightBlack, BluesBlue, and PaisleyPurple). In addition, for $10 extra, you can have your name printed on the inside of the neck cushion if you like.


The strap seems to take some of the pressure off your neck and evenly distribute it to your shoulders. This relief from neck stress will definitely allow you to play longer and with less strain, so the strap is a success when it comes to providing support.


The base price of the scarf is priced at $79.99, but $89.99 gets you your name on the cushion.

Overall Thoughts

The price of this highly unique strap is one of the more expensive neck straps I have seen on the market, so it seems as though professional players would be the target market here. But based on my experience using it and comparing it to my other neck straps, the quality of this one is solid.

As for me, even though the sax scarf feels comfortable and, fits well, I prefer my Kolbl leather neck strap. The design as well as comfort of the Kolbl allow me to play for a very long time, and like the SaxySaxScarf, I rarely have to adjust it. In addition, my Kolbl  is a bit smaller and lighter. But again, this is just one man’s preference.

If you are interested in finding out more about this neck strap, check out the website at

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