A Dose of Friday Morning Saxo-Funny

A few months ago I put out a post titled Viral Saxophone Videos You Can’t Afford to Miss. In a nutshell, the post was basically a roll-call of the funniest saxophone-related online videos I had found to date.

One of the videos I featured was the promo for a series of videos entitled Extreme Sax Workouts. This chunky slice of utter goofiness has Johnny Screecher, “the world’s leading authority on extreme sax playing” schooling us on how to play like a real pro – and not like “turkeys” such as Bird, Coltrane, and Sidney Bechet.

In their most recent video, the producers of the videos (aka The Mollick Brothers) kick off the first proper instructional video in which the art of “The Screech” is colorfully explained and demonstrated.

I highly suggest you watch – and of course, learn

To see more videos by The Mollick Brothers, hop on over to their YouTube page.