A Guide to Free Online Saxophone Transcriptions

free online saxophone transcriptions

Being that this website has been around for as long as it has (since 2010), link-based articles like these often become out outdated as some of the websites linked to disappear. Because of that, if you see that any of the links here go to defunct websites, please do let me know in the comments. Likewise, if you have any suggestions for websites with free transcriptions that are not already included here, please do not hesitate to mention those in the comments as well and I’ll be happy to include them if they are a good fit for this article. Aplogies as well as thanks in advance! – Doron

Although folks like Joe Henderson feel that the best way to learn the language of jazz is to learn a solo by ear and memorize it, there’s definitely a place for reading transcribed solos, and possibly committing them to memory off the manuscript. Some of us might be as ambitious enough to transpose transcribed solos into different keys. And if nothing else, transcribed solos make for great sight-reading practice.

The Other Kind of Free Jazz

Of course, there are a gaggle of amazing transcription books available for purchase in stores and on websites. But thanks to the power of this newfangled internets online, we can get a boatload of transcribed saxophone brilliance without putting as much as a ding in the pocketbook.

The Sites to Check Out


Cannonball, Brecker, Coltrane, Phil Woods, Kenny Garrett, Bergonzi, Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, and many, many more, this is one of the best free transcription sites to bookmark and pillage. What I like about this site is how the list of solos is presented quite clearly compared to many of the sites out there. Great, great stuff.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Charles’ incredible collection of transcriptions is currently offline, hopefully it will come back sometime soon, at which point I’ll be happy to update this page. 


Sax player and educator Jeff Rzepiela offers up a fine collection of solos by straight-ahead sax players such as Hank Mobley, Sonny Stitt, and Wardell Gray to name just a few. Since this is one of the few transcription sites out there with versions of each solo for C, Bb, and Eb instruments, it works for both alto and tenor folks (not to mention the three C Melody player on the planet). As an added bonus, Jeff’s site features analysis of three of the of the solos on this page.


Can we say, “WOW”? This collection of solos by the late, great tenor titan Michael Brecker is transcribed mostly by Rick Margitza – himself a leading voice on the saxophone. Taking us through about 3 decades of Brecker’s legendary career, the site features solos from Brecker’s massive multitude of stints as as sideman with artists such as Horace Silver, Chet Baker (and about a jillion others)  as well as solos with Steps Ahead plus his own solo outings. What’s surprising about this collection is that it’s actually free for the taking.


Guess whose solos are featured here? But seriously, if you like Cannonball, then this is the site for you. Featuring 17 of Adderley’s solos transposed for C, Bb, and Eb instruments, each solo also comes with an audio sample, but you’ll need the Real Audio Player to listen (does anyone even use RealPlayer these days?).  Anyhow, a great collection for players of all saxophones.


While not a saxophone solo transcription site by any means, this site features user-generated documents of all sorts, and due to the sheer mass of content on the site, there is a decent helping of sax solo goodness to be had here. Just go to the site and do a search on your favorite sax player, and if it’s one of the major players, there’s a good chance that you’ll find at least a one solo.

UPDATE: Since this article came out, Scribd has turned into a paid site and not really relevant to this list.