Are You Playing the Right Instrument?

Tenor and Alto SaxI just got done doing an amazing in-depth interview with the multi-gifted New York saxophonist, composer, and mouthpiece refacer Adam Niewood for our podcast (aka Best. Saxophone. Podcast. Ever.). Among the things that struck me over the course of the interview was Adam’s description of a major turning point in his musical journey.

You see, the saxophone that Adam learned to play on was the alto. And while he was quite enthusiastic about that instrument, Adam’s passion for music became fully ignited only after his high school band director asked him to help balance out the sax section by playing tenor instead. Once Adam started focusing on the tenor saxophone, he found himself extremely motivated to delve more deeply into music and eventually reach the level of mastery that he currently possesses.

The beauty of playing the saxophone is that there are quite a few members of our instrument’s family that we can choose from, and we can even jump to the other woodwinds relatively easily as well if we desire. All of this means that we have choices.

So if you’re focused on just one member of the saxophone or woodwind family and finding your enthusiasm for practicing your particular instrument is starting to fade, or has already faded, you may want to consider making the switch, even if it’s just a temporary diversion. A new axe can revitalize your passion for music and allow you to find your true voice on the instrument.

That’s all, now discuss among yourselves…