Bulletproof Saxophone Playing is Available…at a 40% Discount!

Play Saxophone Like the MastersAs many of you know, for the past 5 months, I’ve been busting my hump putting together the mother of all saxophone educational programs. I didn’t want it to be just average, but instead I wanted it to be bursting at the seams with game-changing information that would guarantee major improvement for all those who followed it’s action steps. In order to show this information as being proven over decades of real life experience in the rich and renowned careers of truly great players and teachers, I wanted the information to come from a diverse collection of some of the best and brightest in the saxophone world.

Anytime, Anwhere

Because I, myself have learned so much listening to audio programs in my car and at the gym, I wanted it to be something that could be enjoyed anywhere. I also wanted to make it completely digital as to keep my overhead and the price as low as possible.

Life’s Too Short

Finally, I wanted to make this thing fun. I didn’t want to make it dry and boring like a text book. Instead, my aim was to make it easy and enjoyable to read and listen to so that readers would not exhaust themselves feeling as though they were in school.

The Verdict

After five months, I’m just tickled pink to say that I believe that Bulletproof Saxophone Playing has indeed lived up to my goals, and then some. The  feedback I’ve gotten on this program has been truly awesome, so that’s been music to my ears as well.

For the few of you who haven’t already heard me blabbing about what Bulletproof Saxophone Playing is, it is…

  • Nearly six hours of mp3 Audio Master Class Interviews with some of the foremost authorities in the saxophone world including Rick Margitza, Walt Weiskopf, Dr. David Demsey, Bill Plake, Sam Sadigursky, and Tim Willcox
  • A 70-page info-crammed e-book based largely on the Audio Master Class Interviews as well as extensive research into proven techniques and principles that history’s greatest saxophonists have used to become masters. You can read the e-book (in pdf format) on your computer, Kindle, or iPad, and you can even print it out.
  • A supplementary exercise and info packet to help put some of the techniques and principles into action

Now’s the Time

To celebrate its release, I’m offering Bulletproof Saxophone Playing at a discount of 40%, but only until 11:59 PM on March 22, 2012.

So that’s pretty much it. I know that this article has been a lot of self-promotion. But whether or not Bulletproof Saxophone Playing looks interesting to you, I did want to share with my readers the project that’s taken up so much of my time over the past few months.

To learn more about whether or not this program is for you, head on over to www.BulletProofSaxophonePlaying.com.