Bulletproof Saxophone Playing Now Available for Amazon Kindle

Bulletproof Saxophone Playing - Amazon KindleHey saxofriends! I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know that you can now go to the Amazon Kindle Store and pick up the e-book portion of my saxophone instructional program, Bulletproof Saxophone Playing. For those unfamiliar with it, the program features a 70-page e-book and nearly 6 hours of Audio Master Class Interviews with world renown saxophone masters such as Rick Margitza, Walt Weiskopf, Dr. David Demsey, and others

As many of you know, up until now, the program has only been available as a PDF e-book book with MP3 audio. Well, as of late last week the e-book portion of the program has become available in the Amazon Kindle Store as well.

Why This is a Good Thing

  • Right now, you can indeed transfer the PDF version of the book onto your Kindle, and it reads perfectly well that way. But the new Kindle book has been formatted specifically for that device so that the screen space is utilized in the most effective manner, resulting in an e-book  that will read even better for you on the Kindle.
  • Kindle-formatted books can be read on any device with the Kindle App, so that means you can read it clearly on your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or Windows phone), your iPad, and, of course, your computer.
  • The Kindle book as also a bit less expensive than the PDF version alone. You can still buy the MP3’s by themselves if you’d like to have both the Kindle book and the MP3’s without having to also pay for the PDF.

So if you’ve got a Kindle, all you need to do is search the Kindle Store for “Bulletproof Saxophone Playing” and away we go!

Alternately, you can go ahead and purchase the e-book on your computer so that it will automatically show up on your Kindle. To do that, head over here.

In any event, thanks to everyone for the great support on the Bulletproof Saxophone Playing project, it’s been a real blessing to know that folks have been making big strides in their playing as a result of this thing. You guys rock!

Bulletproof Saxophone Playing for Amazon Kindle