Happy Thanksgiving to my Sax-cateers!

Saxophone Thanksgiving

For those of my compadres living in lands where the holiday of Thanksgiving is celebrated, and even those of you who aren’t, I just wanted to send my warmest thoughts for a safe and happy Turkey Day.

As for me, I’ll be heading out to the ever-festive town of Palm Springs, California. So you’ll be hearing little-to-nothing from me on this blog or elsewhere throughout the rest of the week, but I look forward to resuming our scheduled programming as normal next week.

In the meantime, I leave you with a Welk-adelic clip from the 1973 Lawrence Welk Thanksgiving Show. Besides being aired around Thanksgiving 37 years ago, what, might you ask, does this video snippet actually have to do with Thanksgiving?

Well, for starters, you can thank the mighty heavens that you don’t need to wear horrideous pink suits on gigs, since thankfully, baby blue and plaid are all the rage these days (right?).

Have a happy one friends!