NEW: JodyJazz SUPER JET Alto Mouthpiece & POWER RING Ligature


JodyJazz has continued to expand upon it’s line of saxophone mouthpieces over the years and most recently has introduced a new model called the SUPER JET. Today, I will be discussing the SUPER JET as well as the new JodyJazz POWER RING ligature. I will be reviewing the SUPER JET alto metal mouthpiece based on tone, response, intonation, build quality, and my overall thoughts as well as reviewing the JodyJazz POWER RING ligature.

JodyJazz SUPER JET Alto Mouthpiece




Product Description

The SUPER JET, “is a Silver-Plated brass mouthpiece that was developed specifically with the Smooth Jazz, Rock, and Funk player in Mind. It’s a very contemporary sounding mouthpiece with many characteristics we have not offered in our range up until this time. It’s going to give you more power, more edge and more altissimo. But as with all of our mouthpieces, it is beautifully free-blowing with enough bottom in the sound to make it more versatile than many mouthpieces in this category of small chamber mouthpieces. The SUPER JET also features a shorter facing curve for insane altissimo. Power and projection are derived from the small step baffle design. Brightness, edge and cut are enhanced by the Silver-Plated virgin bell brass which gives the SUPER JET a crisp clean brightness that can get very funky and dirty and due to the beak design the piece really vibrates. Like all JodyJazz mouthpieces the SUPER JET features a hand-crafted baffle, thin tip rail and side rails for instantaneous response.”

Four Goals when Super Jet was created:

  1. Power- to create our most powerful mouthpiece yet while retaining the free-blowing full sound that is trademark of JodyJazz mouthpieces.
  2. Edge- To have the ability to cut through loud instruments such as drums, electric guitars, etc.
  3. Altissimo- To create a mouthpiece that easily produces the highest altissimo notes. The altissimo is actually helped by a shorter facing curve.
  4. Great Quality- We use cutting edge technology and expert hand-craftsmanship. Each mouthpiece is individually play tested by Jody Espina or one of our four professional saxophonists on staff to insure a perfect seal with the reed and proper response throughout the range of the saxophone. We demand and achieve the most rigorous quality control possible.

Tip Openings Available:

  • 5 = .074
  • 6 = .080
  • 7 = .086
  • 8 = .091
  • 9 = .102
  • 10 = .109

JodyJazz SUPER JET metal alto mouthpiece (7)


On the JodyJazz tone spectrum from darkest to brightest, this is by far the brightest mouthpiece JodyJazz has to offer today. Sonically, I found the SUPER JET was bright throughout the entire range of the saxophone with much clarity and focus to the sound rather than a spread and edgy core. I did find the tone to be flexible throughout but the overall brightness is very much present from the bottom of the horn all the way up into the altissimo register.


The SUPER JET is an extremely free-blowing mouthpiece that takes very little air to get a full robust sound. For those players like me who prefer a bit more resistance or back-pressure, The SUPER JET will take a little bit of time to get used to do to it’s unique facing. I found the SUPER JET played well dynamically and could really cut thru with it’s overall brightness and projection.


The intonation was good overall on the SUPER JET but compared to my current setup, I found that I needed to push this mouthpiece further down my cork to play in tune.  In addition, I would recommend trying a few different reeds and cuts (filed or un-filed) to find which reed responds best and believe you will notice the differences especially when you play into the altissimo.

Build Quality

The SUPER JET is completely CNC ‘d with some hand-finishing performed at the very end to make sure the table, rails, and facing is even and meets specs while play-testing. I found the SUPER JET was clean and even and I did not notice any blemishes, miss-cuts, mis-alignment or un-evenness while inspecting this mouthpiece.

Overall Thoughts

The Jody Jazz SUPER JET alto mouthpiece is very much tailored towards those players looking for a mouthpiece that is bright, responds very quickly, and really projects. Personally, I still prefer various mouthpieces whether hard rubber or metal that are designed more towards a vintage Meyer because I prefer the overall response and characteristics to that sound. With that being said, the JodyJazz HR model would suit me better than the SUPER JET. I will say that if you play alto and are looking for a mouthpiece that is bright, fast responding, and focused, the SUPER JET will meet your needs.


JodyJazz SUPER JET Alto Metal Mouthpiece

Jody Espina Demonstration Video


WWBW YouTube Video

NAMM 2017 WWBW JodyJazz Interview

JodyJazz POWER RING Ligature


Product Description

The all new JodyJazz POWER RING® ligature improves upon the original JodyJazz Ring ligature with an all new design that provides both a significant improvement in performance and greatly enhanced visual appeal.  The New POWER RING features a concave inner design which reduces the touch points on the reed thereby maximizing reed vibration. There are no moving or added parts, thereby increasing the efficiency of vibration. The increased mass and greater wall thickness of the new POWER RING ligature, together with its more contoured shape, provides a more solid contact with the reed at the points where they touch. This allows the most freedom and vibration of the reed which in turn also increases the amount of harmonics present, allowing the fullest saxophone sound containing high, mid and low frequencies. The new POWER RING ligatures are designed specifically to fit JodyJazz mouthpieces, but with multiple size options available, there’s sure to be a POWER RING model that fits your mouthpiece whatever the brand.

Overall Thoughts

I have tried ring ligatures in the past. My first one was a Roberto’s wooden ligature and most recently, I tried a few ring ligatures offered by Blue Ridge Horns (review coming soon). The JodyJazz POWER RING ligature worked well on the SUPER JET mouthpiece and I preferred this ligature over the Rico H ligature that typically comes with the JodyJazz mouthpiece line. The POWER RING ligature simply allowed the reed to vibrate more and I noticed a faster response as well as more overall timbre/color to the sound. My main recommendation if you are considering this ligature for your setup is to make sure it fits properly and is not too tight nor too loose.

JodyJazz Power Ring Link

Final Thoughts

I would like to thank Colin Schofield at JodyJazz for sending me the JodyJazz SUPER JET and POWER RING ligature to test play on alto saxophone and would be curious to see if JodyJazz decides to make a metal SUPER JET for tenor as well. Please let me know your thoughts on the SUPER JET mouthpiece and POWER RING ligature once you have had a chance to try each one.