Can the ReedGeek “Klangbogen” Bore & Reed Stabilizer Instantly Improve Your Sound?




At the 2016 NAMM show, I stopped by ReedGeek to check out the ReedGeek Black Diamond G4. While at the booth, Mauro Di Gioia, founder and president of ReedGeek, showed me a new device he called the Klangbogen. To gain a better understanding of what the Klangbogen has to offer, I will be discussing the following information: Product Overview, Klangbogen Placement, Test Results, and my Overall Thoughts.

Product Overview

“The ReedGeek® Klangbogen™ is the latest innovative product offering from ReedGeek, Inc., designed by German artisan and ReedGeek team member, Torsten “Toko” Köhler. The Klangbogen; instantly increases output and depth of tone of the saxophone while stabilizing the extreme ranges of the horn so it speaks with clarity.”

This device is a solid brass bow that fits alto, tenor, and baritone saxophone and attaches to the music-lyre screw holder. The Klangbogen will maximize the airflow through the conical tube which improves the efficiency of a balanced reed by supporting and reducing air turbulence at the neck-tenon and palm keys. The neck-tenon and palm keys have historically suffered tremendous nodal disturbances. The overall result is an enhanced tone with greater projection and focus to the sound.

Klangbogen Placement

The post can be unscrewed and re-positioned in one of the three hole placements depending on what type of saxophone you are using (alto, tenor, or baritone).

To install, unscrew lyre screw and insert Klangbogen into lyre slot, tightening the screw securely against the knurled post. The device may be placed below or above the neck screw tenon as seen in picture 3 and picture 4.

Picture 3

klangbogen downside

Picture 4



I have been using the Klangbogen for over 1 year. I have tried this device on various saxophones and I have noticed the benefit each time. For me, I preferred placing the Klangbogen above the lyre screw holder (see picture 4) but it also worked well below (see picture 3). What I noticed when using the Klangbogen is it did offer me more stabilization, focus, and projection in the upper and lower range of the saxophone. I felt that while playing up in the palm keys, the sound was more stable and easier to control. In the lower register, especially when playing low Bb, I was able to get a bit bigger and fuller low Bb. I will say if you use the Klangbogen for a few hours and then take it off, you will most likely notice a difference.

Overall Thoughts

I am excited that Mauro is constantly developing and experimenting with various products that will correct or improve problems we saxophonist have to deal with on a day to day basis. The Klangbogen will not take a stuffy saxophone or one with neck issues and solve it, but I will say the Klangbogen has only improved the various saxophones I have tried by enhancing and stabilizing various areas on the saxophone. The result is different and can be more noticeable from saxophone to saxophone, but I highly recommend checking one out because everyone whom I have met thus far and has tried the Klangbogen has been happy they did.

The Klangbogen comes in polished brass, sterling silver-plate, and a heavy gold plate.

ReedGeek Website

Ricker Keller demo’s Klangbogen

Brian Landrus demo’s Klangbogen