Reviewed: MACSAX FJIII Hard Rubber Mouthpiece

MACSAX FJIIIFollowing the release of the Bob Sheppard Signature Edition hard rubber tenor mouthpiece, MACSAX has introduced the newest mouthpiece to their product line, which is the MACSAX FJ III hard rubber alto mouthpiece. For those who have tried, or own the MACSAX FJ III metal tenor saxophone mouthpiece, you will most likely be excited to try out it’s hard rubber alto counterpart.

When I received the mouthpiece, it came in a soundwear case which included the mouthpiece, mouthpiece pouch, a Rovner Platinum ligature, and plastic cap. Over the past two weeks, I have been comparing the MACSAX FJ III to my stock Meyer 6M mouthpiece. I have been play testing the MACSAX FJ III and switching between this mouthpiece and my Meyer to gain a better understanding of how each mouthpiece responds. The Rovner Platinum ligature which comes with the MACSAX FJ III mouthpiece works very well with this mouthpiece as well as my Meyer, which I have been playing for over 8 years.

According to Eric Falcon, this mouthpiece “embodies the best pieces from the 50’s and 60’s, but has a new and unique chamber design which allows this mouthpiece to be incredibly free blowing, but most importantly offers a stable, rich, and balanced sound throughout the entire horn.” This mouthpiece is made “from the finest grade German hard rubber” – which I believe accentuates the benefits of the MACSAX FJ III.

The MACSAX FJ III is not a copy of a N.Y. Meyer or Meyer Bros mouthpiece, but instead is a fantastic hard rubber mouthpiece in its own right. When I first started playing it, I noticed the characteristics of a great mouthpiece, which are: a rich tone, a nice balance throughout the horn, great intonation, a free blowing feeling, and ease of control.

Many mouthpieces offer some of these features, but what sets the MACSAX FJ III mouthpiece apart is how its unique facing offers the player a greater amount of volume when pushed. Additionally, the piece offers great control throughout the entire range. When switching between my Meyer and the MACSAX FJ III, I noticed that the first note I played on the FJ III was more focused and louder than my Meyer. It also produced a fuller and more stable sound throughout the entire range of the horn. To give saxophonists a better understanding of what I am talking about, I have recorded myself playing the MACSAX FJ III mouthpiece against my Meyer. Both mouthpieces are a 6 tip opening.

Recording #1:
(Selmer super balanced action alto, MEYER 6M hard rubber alto mouthpiece, Rovner Platinum ligature, and Roberto winds 3 soft reed.)
[audio: MACSAX-FJ-III_1.mp3]

Recording #2: 
(Selmer super balanced action alto, MACSAX FJ III hard rubber alto mouthpiece, Rovner Platinum ligature, and Roberto winds 3 soft reed.)
[audio: MACSAX-FJ-III_2.mp3]

The FJ III is available from .072″ (5) to .090″ (9) tip openings.

NOTE: I am not a MACSAX endorser, nor am I a professional musician.

If you like what you are hearing, or are interested in trying out the MACSAX FJ III alto hard rubber mouthpiece for yourself, you can contact Eric Falcon at – or by phone at 305-878-9488.

I hope this review helps anyone on the market for a new alto mouthpiece and would appreciate any comments or questions.

Eric Falcon testing the MACSAX FJ III mouthpiece