Seriously Silly Saxophone Oddities

It’s probably safe to say that if you’re here, you love the saxophone. Its dulcet tones are mesmerizing. The saxophone is a window into an elegant world of music. Maybe you love it more than anything else. Money? People? Matlock? It’s also probably safe to say that your passion for the sax pales in comparison to that of the people who have created the following mind-boggling wonders. Read on for glorious displays of saxophone zeal that will put your passion (if that’s what you call it) to shame.

Stunningly Realistic Saxophone Cake

For the passionate saxophone player, what better way to celebrate a birthday than with this saxophone cake? As realistic as it looks, believe it or not, the entire thing is edible. Will you take a reed or the bell?

Saxophone Chandelier

If you have enough space in your living room, why not dress up your chandelier with classic saxophones? The bright brass reflects the light well, and with this as the centerpiece of your room, no one will doubt your devotion to the instrument.

Saxophone Sculpture

As a saxophonist, you likely already appreciate the curving lines and intrinsic beauty of your instrument. Artist Julie Borden offers one of a kind hand painted sculptures made from real saxophones and featuring her signature designs. Your own Sax in the City sculpture can dress up a lonely corner of your home with a splash of color, all while showcasing your favorite instrument.

Linear Fingering Saxophone

Do you remember when you were first learning to play the sax? If fingering was difficult for you, you will appreciate the linear fingering saxophone. [Sorry(!), but this web page has disappeared since the original publication of this article]
This design is based on the chromatic scale, so the fingering is much simpler to learn, although the accomplished player will have to learn a new fingering system to play this particular model.

Subcontrabass Saxophone

How low can a sax go? With the subcontrabass Saxophone, the answer is very low. This huge instrument takes the sax into the lowest possible ranges of the musical scale, and is something you need to hear to believe.

Saxophones Made of Cars

In Houston, a towering fifty-foot saxophone sculpture is made out of Volkswagen Beetles. Recently renovated and painted blue, the look is surprisingly realistic in spite of the medium used to create the sculpture.

Saxophone Model Train

Saxophone oddities include many saxophone sculptures made from other materials, like the car sculpture, but what happens when the saxophone is used as the medium for a sculpture? In this case, the result is an amazing model train sculpture. In addition to the bell and keys from a sax, it also includes odds and ends from other instruments, parts from a sprinkler and other recycled pieces.

Soprillo Saxophone

If the subcontrabass takes the saxophone to its lowest possible range, the soprillo saxophone takes it to the highest point. This tiny instrument plays an entire octave above the soprano sax, and is so small the upper octave key has to be on the mouthpiece. Benedikt Eppelsheim, Munich, currently manufactures the soprillo, so US customers will have to fork over some loot for shipping. Luckily, getting the smallest saxophone ever shipped to you shouldn’t dent the bank account too much.

Wrapping it All Up

While some of these items are a bit silly, all show just how much passion and creativity saxophone lovers have. From instruments that take the sax to new heights and depths to unique pieces of art to dress up your studio or home, you can find just about anything that honors the sax, if you look hard enough.