The 10-Second Saxophone Survey Sweepstakes – The Easiest $50 You’ve Ever Made

10-Second Saxophone Survey Sweepstakes For some time, I’ve wanted to get a grasp on what you, my saxadelic website visitors are most interested in reading about. Sure, I could pose the question as a simple post on Facebook and Twitter, but I thought I’d take it to the next level.

With that in mind, I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and create the world’s quickest survey, consisting of no more than one question along with a few small tidbits of information for my email newsletter list (don’t worry if you’re already on the list, you won’t be double-subscribed, so feel free to take the survey witout fear of email bombardment).

As you know by now, the grand (and, um…only) prize here involves $50, but more specifically, it’s a $50 gift certificate for The Woodwind Brasswind, one of the world’s foremost online stores for all of your saxophone and general music needs. We all know that music is an expensive habit, so who among us couldn’t benefit from a ca$h injection to feed that habit?

The contest ends at 11:00 PM (Los Angeles time) on July 24th, 2011 and if you’re the winner, you’ll be notified within a few days.

My goal here is to continue pointing the site into areas most exciting to my saxo-friends while also finding new saxo-friends to join us here on the site as well as the newsletter email list.

So if you haven’t done so, by all means, click here or on that subtle and tasteful banner stretching across the top of the site (assuming that you’re reading this before July 25 2011).

So what are you waiting for?

Enter the 10-Second Saxophone Survey Sweepstakes NOW!