Tune Your Horn Sharp and Sound Better?

Blazin’ saxman Steve Neff recently hipped me to a very cool YouTube video in which a very interesting concept was introduced to me.

In the video, it was suggested that you could improve the quality of your tone by pushing in your mouthpiece to the point where your horn is a quarter-step  sharp and then lipping down to compensate. I have to admit, after seeing the video, made my New York sax pro, John Tendy, I couldn’t deny that his tone was more focused and cutting when he played with this tuning.

Granted, John is only suggesting this technique with Selmer horns, as they are prone to play increasingly sharp as you travel up the horn note-wise. But I would imagine that there are other horns that are similarly tuned and could also sound great using this approach.

Anyhow, take a look for yourself and let me know what you think.