Viral Saxophone Videos You Can’t Afford to Miss

For any of us who find ourselves frequenting YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or really any social media site, it’s been hard to escape that buzz that surrounds the latest viral video to hit the worldwide. However, for saxfolk such as ourselves, the video I’m talking about was not just any old video, but no less than a saxophone-centric masterpiece inspired by the Saturday Night Live’s digital short entitled The Curse.

The Curse tells the tale of an materialistic Wall Street type who finds himself the victim of a curse which causes a “sexy sax man” blaring an 80’s style rock solo to appear out of nowhere at the most inopportune times possible.


Keepin’ it Real

Taking this concept to the next level, the extremely popular Sexy Sax Man Serenade adds the element of guerilla filmmaking as young saxman Sergio Flores is seen wielding his horn as disruptively as possible in a variety of very real public places. Locales include the food court at a shopping mall, the drive through at a Jack in the Box, an in-session college biology course, and a high school football game among others. Adding the perfect foil to the handheld camera footage are hilariously staged scenes shot in the style of a horrifically cheese-ridden 1980’s music video.

So far the video has received well over a million views, and that’s not counting the inevitable re-posts of the video by other YouTube users. It was also featured on The Huffington Post as well as Comedy Central’s official website for its show Tosh.0. On top of all of that, the video’s creator, known as Mike Diva recently tweeted that he’d been approached by MTV for a meeting.

Check it out the Sexy Sax Man Serenade for yourself:

Click here to see the hilarious “making of” video behind the Sexy Sax Man Serenade.

Some Other Saxo-funny Videos You Might Enjoy

Jun & Enteng jam in Korea (funny sax background)

Sure we all have to start somewhere, but this musical crime against humanity makes one wonder whether certain folks should start at all. Sadly, you can’t see the Bird-to-be in the video due to the fact that he or she was recorded as part of a karaoke track. Being that the sax solo is recorded, it makes me wonder what the sax takes that didn’t make the recording sounded like.

Scarface – Yakety Sax

Unfortunately this video could not be embedded but you can check it out here.

This one is part of a new genre of online videos set out to prove that any video, no matter how disturbing, can be made funny by speeding up the footage and scoring it with Yakety Sax. Sick and twisted as this is, you’ll probably get a nice chuckle outta this one.

Dancing, Saxophone Playing Walrus

This path to enlightenment features none other than a real live walrus jammin’ out on a real-live plastic saxophone. I’m not sure what’s funnier here – the sax-wielding walrus or his trainer dancing in the background.

EPIC SAX GUY – Sergey Stepanov – ORIGINAL

I actually featured this video in my article, 11 Horrendous Sax Jokes for Saxophone Day 2010. Completely idiotic and possibly one of the most viewed viral saxophone videos of all time, this video was created based on the principle of Rickrolling. This concept involves a person providing a hyperlink that they claim is relevant to the topic at hand, but the link actually takes the user to a Rick Astley video. Here we have a video used for the the same tactic, but done using this horrideously annoying piece of repetitive pop saxophone footage.

Extreme Sax Workouts – Promo

In this video, extreme saxophonist Johnny Screecher touts his program to get you playing like a pro, as opposed to a turkey like John Coltrane.