Virtuoso Jazz Master Ted Nash Simplifies the Process of Learning Jazz

Ted Nash

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In this third and final installment in the series of audio master class interviews I’m doing with jazz greats, Ben Wendel, Mel Martin, and Ted Nash, we have one of NYC’s saxophone superheroes, the ever-swingin’ Ted Nash.

Starting his career as a sixteen year old playing with Lionel Hampton as well as lead alto with the Quincy Jones band (16 years old, holy cow!), Ted has gone on to work with folks like Don Ellis, Louie Bellson, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Gerry Mulligan, Mel Lewis, and Blue Mitchell as well as leading his own quintet.

Ted’s most prominent association these days is with the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra headed by Wynton Marsalis. A recent commission by the group, “Portrait in Seven Shades,” was recorded by the Orchestra and earned Ted a Grammy nomination.

In this interview, Ted discusses hot topics such as…

  • Strategies for improving your time feel
  • Keeping your practice routine fresh
  • Techniques for improving our ears
  • Simplifying and removing the stress from the process of improving as jazz musician
  • Why some of the greats never had formally structured practice routines
  • The fastest way to play accurately over chord changes
  • Taking tunes through all twelve keys
  • The importance of writing your own music

…and lots of other juicy stuff!

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