If you Can Move your Mouse you Can Burn on Tenor

Thanks to accomplished UK sax man Ben Castle, I recently came across what’s become a fabulous way to suck away precious hours of my life.  It’s called “Virtual Sax!” and it allows any of us to put together a funkyjazzy solo by merely moving our mouse in rhythm to two different pre-recorded backing tracks.

How this Works

It’s quite simple really. First you choose which of the two different backing tracks you’d like to play along with. From there, you move the mouse over the keys on the goofy-looking virtual saxophone. Most of the keys trigger great sax licks (played by Ben himself, I presume) while the rest of the keys on the upper left-hand site of the horn trigger individual notes for those looking for a more expansive means of virtual self expression.

This is especially great for those of us working on laptop or notebook computers where one can enjoy the benefits of the trackpad, since that trackpad works much better than the mouse for these type of shenanigans.

Anyhow, I can  yammer about this all I want, but the best thing to do is hop on over to Ben Castle’s site and take it for a spin!