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The Saxophonist’s Guide To The Dreaded Art Of Transposition

The Saxophonist's Guide To The Dreaded Art Of Transposition

I’m sure many of you remember that first time you sat down to play some sheet music with somebody playing another instrument, and most likely had that crazy realization that you might be reading the same note on the page, but different notes are coming out of your instruments! Maybe you showed up to band […]

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Putting P. Mauriat’s New Greg Osby Signature Alto to the Test

P. Mauriat Greg Osby Signature Alto

To date, I have play-tested the P. Mauriat 67R, 76 2ND edition, and the 86 model alto saxophones at various NAMM conventions. Recently, Craig Denny at Saint Louis Music sent me one of the limited edition model altos that P. Mauriat just released as the “System-76 3rd Edition Alto” – aka “The Dragon” – aka the […]

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This is Going to Piss Some of You Off

Jazz Club

UPDATE: I wanted to clarify something…in this article I refer to my friend “Jeff” only based on the sentiment his Facebook updates – this article is NOT about him. There were some harsh attacks on Jeff in the social media responses to this article, which I feel were unfair. I know for a fact that Jeff […]

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A Guide to Finally Figuring Out Which Bb Fingering To Use

Bb fingerings

I would say we’re pretty lucky to play an instrument with one of the most basic and straightforward fingering systems of any wind instrument. Merci, Adolphe Sax! Choices, Choices… For most of the notes on our horn, there’s pretty much one fingering, and when there is an alternate fingering it tends to be a pretty […]

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Jazz Lessons with Giants Now Available for Amazon Kindle

Jazz Lessons with Giants for Amazon Kindle

Hey guys, I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the e-book portion of Jazz Lessons with Giants is now available specifically for Amazon Kindle. While you can indeed transfer the e-book into your Kindle, this Kindle-specific version is formatted specifically for that device, so it will be a bit easier […]

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Could Forestone Be the Next Big Name in Mouthpieces and Ligatures?

Could Forestone Be the Next Big Name in Mouthpieces and Ligatures?

Introduction Since I play tested their line of reeds at the 2012 NAMM show, Forestone has added into their catalog a line of saxophones and saxophone accessories. Craig Denny over at St. Louis Music was nice enough to send me some Forestone ligatures for alto saxophone as well as some hard rubber tenor and alto […]

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Honest Talk About Music Education Plus Practice Room Tidbits with Sax Pro Tony White

Tony White Saxophone

Biography Professional jazz musician and musical director Tony White is a multi-instrumentalist who plays the tenor, alto, and soprano saxophone. His first teaching job ended up being at his old high school, Fremont. Utilizing his contacts and mentors (including famed jazz artist great, Buddy Collette), White was able to build a comprehensive program that included a […]

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How Your G# Mechanism Can Get You Around the Horn Way Faster

G# Key

Not all that much has changed since Adolphe Sax first invented the instrument that bears his name, but fortunately there have been a few small technical improvements that can make your musical life much easier if you know how to use them. This will be the first of several columns on these specific mechanisms. Introducing […]

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